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Why Own Precious Metals

Value Retention

Gold and silver have outperformed almost all other investments since 2000. The fundamental reasons that have propelled prices to current highs, are ONLY getting stronger! At times, the gold coin market has had a proven track record of maintaining stable value during volatile spot market conditions; in fact, some coins have actually increased in value during stagnant and declining gold prices.

Tax Advantages

No matter how much you invest, you do not have to pay taxes on the acquisition of gold. You can hold your metals "year after year" and you are only taxed when you liquidate.


Current law exempts many investment grade coins from 1099-IRS reporting during the acquisition and liquidation process. Certain gold coins have been exempt from past government recalls. Privately held gold and silver are how many wealthy families have passed down wealth from one generation to another.


Gold has stood the test of time; it is recognized around the world as the representative of true wealth. Gold can be acquired and liquidated through Goldworth, any gold dealer, exchange or precious metals firm in the world. Gold is bought and sold 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access & Portability

You can store your gold by utilizing our metals on deposit option. Under that program, you can take possession or have your metals shipped almost anywhere in the world. A million-dollar gold portfolio can fit and be carried in most modern suitcases.

Peace of Mind

In today`s unstable stock market and economy, many investment strategies possess risks that can leave you vulnerable. Owning stocks and bonds alone will keep you up at night. Gold has proven to be a safe haven for many investors, institutions and central banks.

Portfolio Balance

Every analyst, financial advisor and investment manager will advise you to secure a balanced portfolio. It is recommended that a minimum of 7 to 18 percent of any portfolio should be hedged with gold.

Law requires the following disclosure & statement: The statements made in this website are opinion base only. All tangible metals can be liquidated, cashed out, sold and/or traded for their sole metal content. Goldworth Financial (GWF) is a Precious Metals (PM) Dealer; not a Broker Dealer, no Broker/Client fiduciary duties, or relationship exist between GWF and Customer(s). If Selling or Buying an item(s) that was or was Not purchased from GWF, any and all prices or quote(s) given or offered by GWF will construed, mean or refer GWF's buy or sell price; not a value, market value, past value, potential value, future value, profit or potential profit(s). PM's are speculative, volatile and prices may rise and fall over time. Customer may still incur a loss despite favorable or unfavorable price movements. World and economic turmoil is no indication of profit or profitability of metals. Past performance is not indicative of future results; GWF cannot and does not guarantee profitability, or profits.

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