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Semi Numismatics

Want the benefits of bullion without the government supervision?

Want the benefits of numismatics without high certified/graded premiums?

Semi-numismatic coins are part numismatic and bullion. Their pricing/premium is set between bullion coins that carry the lowest premium and certified-graded coins that carry the highest premium. Their price will vary by the nine different conditions; lower quality metals are valued at a lower price. Investors looking to capitalize on the precious metals bull market acquire semi-numismatics as their value is directly affected by the corresponding spot market. Semi-numismatics have all the confidential benefits of fullnumismatics without the high certified/grade coin price.

The industry commonly refers to semi-numismatic as "The confidential Metal that offers the most metal content, for your paper money." If you are looking for profit potential, a hedge against inflation or wealth preservation, tangible precious metals are the asset of choice!

Examples of semi-numismatic coins include European Francs, Marks, British Sovereigns and U.S. $20 Liberty coins.

Under past and current Law, these coins are exempt from dealer reporting of IRS form 1099. No personal information is asked when you cash out, regardless of the dollar amount. Confidential transactions are favored by people concerned with Identity theft and other personal privacy concerns.

The following is mentioned because it is a top question our reps are asked: Numismatic coins have been exempted from past government bullion recalls, bans and prohibition.

If you need more information on the above subject, click on the following link:Executive Order 6102